This is a list Blues Festivals around our area. The links should all be working,  have checked them;  however, things change.  Please let me know rpeto@owt.com if you find a link that does not work.  Also let me know if I have missed your favorite festival and you would like to include it. 
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March 18-20
Coeur  d' Alene Blues Festival
April 7-10 Walla Walla Guitar Festival, Walla Walla, WA
April 9
Gray Sky Blues Music Festival, Tacoma, WA
April 29 - May 1
Birding & Blues Festival, Pacific City, OR
May 7-11
Hornby Island Blues Workshop, Hornby Island, BC
May 13-14
Untapped Blues Festival, Kennewick, WA
May 19-22 Sunbanks Blues Festival  Electric City, WA
May 20-21
Rally at the Border Blues Fest
Oroville, WA - in conjuction with the Annual Run for the Border Ride, the Columbia River HOG Association sponsors each year that brings 300+ bikes to town
June 3-5 Edmonds Waterfront Festival, Edmonds, WA
June 16-18
Crossroads Blues Festival, Kettle Falls, WA
June 20-21
Cookin' The Blues Festival, Ocean Shores, WA
June 24-25
Gorge Blues & Brews Festival, Stvenson, WA
July 1 – 4
Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland, OR
July 7
Beacon Hill Blues Festival, Ashland, OR
July 10-12 Historic Wallace Blues Festival
July 16
Tacoma's Old Town Blues Festival
July 17 – 19
Rendezvous in the Park,  Moscow, ID
July 15 – 17
Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival, Winthrop, WA
July 25 Tacoma Jazz and Blues
July 23 - 25
Rock Cut Blues Festival, Orient, WA
July 24-26
Jazz in the Valley, Ellensburg, WA
July 26– Aug 2
Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival
July 29-31

Mt. Baker Blues Festival, Deming, WA
July 30-
Aug 2
Magic City Blues, Billings, MT
Aug 5 - 8 Big Sky Blues Festival, Noxon, Montana
Aug. 6
Blues in Port Townsend, Fort Worden State Park, WA
Aug 7 -  8
Bronze, Bllues & Brews. Joseph, OR
Aug 8
Brats, Blues and Brews, Klamath Falls, OR
Aug. 13
BREW FIVE THREE: Beer and Blues Festival, Broadway, Tacoma, WA
Aug 15
A Case of the Blues and All That Jazz, Yakima, WA
Aug 14 – 16
Annual Seattle Hemp Fest, Seattle, WA
Aug 22
Poverty Bay Blues & Brews Fest, Des Moines, WA
Sept 1
Sept 1 – 5
37th Annual Pig Out in the Park
Sept 5-6 Bothell Blues Festival, Bothell, WA
Sept 9-11
Westport Blues Festival
Sept 8-11
Sunbanks Blues Festival,  Electric City. WA
Sept 13-14
Leavenworth Blues, Brews & BBQ, Leavenworth WA
Sept. 23-24 Il Waco Blues & Seafood Festival, IlWaco, WA

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